Welcome in the Est-Team's Official Site


The Est srl is a company that operates in the field of satellite positioning (GPS) since 2001.
Located in Genoa and Milan.


  • Home: The homepage of our site, is the page that contains the index and a brief explanation of Est-Team.
  • GPSRX: Page that allows, through the inclusion of the coordinates, to see on Map Quest and "Tuttocittą" the point you are looking for.
  • EST4: Page that ragarde the anti-theft satellite marketed by Est-Team, complete with manual and brochures.
  • Manuals: Page with many manuals on the use of GPS.
  • Utility: Page that contains various utility that are designed to help in the use of GPS.
  • Contacts: The page where you will find Phone number, E-mail, Fax and the page devoted to the official Facebook's group to contact us.